HELMUT JAHN: Buildings 1975-2015

Helmut Jahn has been leaving his eyecatching and distinctive mark on the world’s metro - polises since the 70s: from Chicago to Singapore and Shanghai, from Frankfurt, Munich, and Berlin to Las Vegas and Tokyo, his towers of glass and steel rise spectacularly into the sky, dominating the townscape and the skyline of the cities in which they stand. Multi-award winning photographer Rainer Viertlböck captures Helmut Jahn’s buildings with breathtaking precision and suggestive power 2015

Process Progress

In this book, Jahn's career is viewed from its beginning until today through the lens of his drawings. Process Progress is an expansive exhibition catalogue featuring well known Chicago landmarks such as the James R. Thompson Center and the Xerox Tower. Process Progress encompasses material from an exhibition of the same name covering Jahn's entire oeuvre staged at Neues Museum for Art and Design in Nuremberg, Germany - in cooperation with the International Design Museum, Munich. 2013

Post Tower

The aerodynamically designed highrise building which houses the offices of the Deutsche Post is a remarkable example of the collaboration between Helmut Jahn, Werner Sobek and Matthias Schuler. This innovative design has been honoured by the Urban Land Institute. This book portrays this structure in stunning duotone photographs, short texts and plans. 2003